The Zine Caravan

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The Zine Caravan is an ongoing project that promotes DIY creativity, self-publishing and inter-cultural exchange via zine workshops and exhibitions. Started by Rekult in 2009 the ZineCaravan runs Zine Jams in different cities around Europe in collaboration with festivals and community events.

What is a zine?
Zine making is a strong and diverse subculture dating back to 1970s music fanzines (fan + magazine). Zines are low-budget books, independently reproduced and distributed among friends, via zine stores and fairs, and on the internet. The versatility of zines allows them to represent many different interests: from counterculture to graphics, illustration, comics, politics and everyday life. You can find zines all over the world, from Japan to France, from Australia to Kosovo.

What happens in a Zine Jam
A Zine Jam is a jamming session in words, paper and drawings. People come together to discover new zines, to collaborate and improvise, creating group and individual zines. Zine Jams are a great way to learn a low-tech approach to self-publishing, working only with a photocopier, typewriter, and pen on paper.

Wanna make Zine Jam?
The Zine Caravan is always interested in collaborating on future events and festivals. We can tailor our workshops and exhibitions to all kinds of arrangements and audiences including the general public, artists and kids. For more information email´╗┐